Keeping you informed with real-time information
about exposure based on your location!

ViralTrak for Business

for Businesses

ViralTrak for Individuals

for Individuals

Apps are available for
APP UPDATE! Our app has been tested and is ready for deployment. We are currently in review with both Apple and Google Play for getting our app released to the public. In the meantime, if you are interested in a solution to help with bringing your employees back to a safe working environment, please click here to view our CompanyTRAK solution.
ViralTrak for Individuals - Coronavirus update, symptoms, disease, news, treatment, hotspot

ViralTRAK for Individuals

  1. You may have visited in the last 14 days
  2. you may work or have friends or colleagues that work there.
  3. you may have shopped or eaten in that area

CompanyTRAK for Businesses

  1. Your employees have had exposure
  2. There has been interaction with exposed employees
  3. Primary and secondary exposure to employees has happened
  4. There is notification when an employee self-reports a positive test
ViralTrak for Business - Coronavirus update, symptoms, disease, news, treatment, hotspot